StarField Direct Interface Cable - HEQ5/Sirius - EQDIR-USB-2

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This StarField Direct Interface, or EQDIRECT for EQMOD cable, is designed to interface a PC or laptop directly to the latest generation of Synta HEQ-5 mounts which use the SynScan hand controller. These also include the Orion Sirius EQ-G. The cable replaces the factory hand controller and allows direct control of the mount's stepper motors.  

More information on the EQ Direct method can be found in the Yahoo EQMOD Group or on the EQ Mod website.  


  • Finer control over your mount than the Synscan hand controller
  • Consistent port numbering, regardless of the USB port used
  • Replaces a damaged or lost Synscan controller at a fraction of the cost
  • Works with all ASCOM compatible software