StarField 8" f/4 Imaging Newtonian Telescope - SF-N8-01

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The Starfield Newtonian 8" Reflector telescope is designed with quality in mind. The very precisely figured parabolical primary mirror of this telescope is made by BK7 optical glass that is free of internal stress, and it housed in a high-ventilation aluminum cell with cooling fan. For maximum contrast, the secondary mirror spider vanes have been optimized to be as thin as possible without losing stability, unlike many Newtonians that have thicker spider vanes resulting in a loss of contrast and image sharpness. Not only is this telescope well suited for astrophotography and for observing deep sky objects (Galaxies, nebulae, ...), but it's also great for observing the moon and the planets.

Each StarField Newtonian comes with an 8x50 finder scope, cooling fan and battery case for the primary mirror, tube rings and Vixen style dovetail, and 2-speed Crayford focuser.

8" f/4 Telescope Specifications

  • Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Aperture: 200mm (7.9")
  • Focal Ratio: f/4
  • Focal Length: 800 mm
  • Primary Mirror: BK7 Parabolic primary mirror
  • Coatings: Minimum 92% reflectivity and protective quartz layer
  • Secondary Mirror Holder: 4-vane all metal spider
  • Cooling Fan: Yes
  • Tube Outside Diameter: 9.5" end rings
  • Tube Length = 28"
  • Shipped Dimensions: 34"x16.5"x14"
  • Tube Weight (with included accessories): 20 lb.
  • Shipped Weight: 28 lb.