StarField 4 Channel Dew Controller - SF-DC4

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Many people use dew heating strips (sold separately) to control dew on their telescope, finder, guidescope, eyepiece and more, and this StarField dew controller lets you attach and separately control up to four strips or heater pads that are equipped with standard RCA photo type sockets, and draws 8 amps of total power. The StarField SF-DC4 Dew Controller also includes two independent 2.1 mm power outputs for powering accessories and some mounts, including those from Sky-Watcher and Celestron.

A cigarette-lighter type plug with a 10A fuse for in-rush overload protection plugs into a DC power supply (sold separately). Make sure that your power supply delivers enough power to run all of your electronics, including your mount, camera and dew heating system. The cable connection from the dew controller to the cigarette lighter plug is 2 meters long.