StarField 1.25" Laser Collimator for Newtonians - SF-LC

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The Starfield Deluxe Newtonian Laser Collimator has a long 1.25" barrel and a machined rim for proper alignment.

Using the Starfield laser collimator makes collimation of a Newtonian/Dobsonian telescope simple and fast.  Precisely manufactured, this 1.25" last collimator sits snugly in the focuser in the optical axis. CNC machined, the 45° angled viewing port makes viewing easier from the rear of the telescope. The matte projection area allows lateral detection of the reflection and makes main mirror collimation easy - even with large telescopes.

The Starfield Laser Collimator is factory-set using three recessed screws located on the body of the collimator.  It is important that these settings are not adjusted or your collimator will not work as intended. Powered via three LR44 lithium batteries; your first set of batteries are included in the package.