SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Tripod Extension - S20565

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  • SKU SWU-S20565

SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Tripod Extension

  • Strong Extension for Tripod
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Not Adjustable
  • Add Height to your Mounts

This Star Adventurer Tripod Extension from SkyWatcher is made and designed to add an extra 8.5" of height to your Star Adventurer Mini or the Star Adventurer Mounts from Sky Watcher. But, this handy extension can also be used with AZ-GT series or the AZ5 mounts from this vendor, as well.


  • Sky-Watcher aluminum Extension, model S20565
  • Top plate of Tripod designed to mate to several mounts
  • Star Adventurer Mount, Star Adventurer Mini, AZ-GT, or AZ5 Mount
  • Adds 8.5" of Height to your Mount
  • Sky Watcher 2 Year Limited Warranty