SkyMentor Dark Frame Filter - 1.25"

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  • SKU SM-Dark125

SkyMentor Dark Frame Filter - 1.25"

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  • Sturdy standard 1.25-inch filter; dark frame imaging filter measures 1.25 inches and is suitable for standard 1.25-inch equipment; the filter frame is made of metal for durability
  • Quickly capture dark frames to optimize photo quality; opaque filters block all light from the imaging camera sensor; help remove dark currents; especially in astrophotography; guarantee high-precision pictures
  • Easily eliminate camera noise and hot pixels; Dark frame acquisition helps remedy such noise and "hot pixels" by canceling out these disruptive effects during image processing
  • 1.25-inch dark frame imaging filter is threaded and can be directly connected to your filter wheel; allowing you to achieve fast conversion between different filters; very convenient