Sky-Watcher SynScan USB Adapter - S30107

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The Sky-Watcher SynScan USB adapter brings older Sky-Watcher SynScan mounts into the 21st century by eliminating the need for outdated serial connections. For those who want to control their mount from a direct PC input, this USB 2.0 adapter allows users to connect to the mount directly, without the need for the hand controller, to connect to the SynScan Pro App for Windows. Cables required to mount any EQ series mount (8-pin to 8-pin) as well as AZ (8-pin to 6-pin) are also included.

 Whether you’re looking to control your SkyWatcher Synscan telescope with today’s latest astrophotography software or simply update your mount’s motor control firmware, Sky-Watcher’s SynScan USB adapter is a must-have for Sky-Watcher users.

The SynScan USB adapter is compatible with most SynScan mounts.