Sky-Watcher EQ8-R Series Polar Scope - S30615

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  • SKU SWU-S30615

Sky-Watcher EQ8-R Series Polar Scope

  • EQ8-R Series Mount Polar Scope
  • Helps Quickly Align to the Pole
  • Made for EQ8-R Mount
  • Mounts via a Special Custom Bracket
  • Optional - Not included with EQ8-R Mount

This is the special optional Polar Alignment Scope for the Sky-Watcher EQ8-R Equatorial Mount. It is not included with the Equatorial Mount. When in use, this Polar Scope is offset laterally from the polar axis of the mount's mechanical moving components.

This special Polar Scope attaches to the Sky-Watcher Equatorial EQ8-R Mount by means of a special included bracket which is made for just this purpose. The polar scope can be rotated by hand to adjust for the exact alignment of the circumpolar stars in your night sky.


Manufacturer: Sky-Watcher, USA
Mfgr. SKU: S306105
Device Function: Polar Alignment Scope
Mates To: EQ8-R Mount