Sky-Watcher CQ350 Pro GoTo Equatorial Mount - No Tripod - S30820

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  • SKU SWU-S30820
  • The Sky-Watcher CQ350 can support large optical tube assemblies and astrophotography gear with it's big 77-pound payload capacity!
  • Built-in USB PC control, thoughtful positioning of electrical options for cable management.
  • Belt drives provide minimal backlash and significantly reduced periodic error while remaining whisper quiet 
  • Stepper motors have no internal gear box, further reducing backlash 
  • SNAP port eliminates the need for remote shutter release cable 
  • Autoguide port compatible with most of today’s best autoguiders 
  • D/V saddle plate to handle a wide variety of OTAs 
  • 42,000+ object data base  
  • Sidereal, solar and lunar tracking modes

The Sky-Watcher CQ350 is a fully-GoTo equatorial platform boasts a hefty 77-pound/35 kg payload capacity capable of supporting large OTA's as well as today's astro-imaging gear.

The Skywatcher CQ350 is also packed with well-positioned electrical options to manage cables, power, computer connection, imaging accessories, and more.  A convenient 4x USB Out port hub sits adjacent to three 2.1mm central positive power out ports, plus three Out AUX ports, three In AUX ports, PC connect USB-to-serial port, USB Type B In port, SNAP port, one power input port, hand controller port, autoguider port, and a 12V DC power aircraft cable port for secure power connection to the mount.

Additional features of the CQ350 include a high-precision, 0.9° hybrid stepper motor, spring loaded worm gears, synchronous wheel and belt drive modes, locking RA and Dec clutches, an oversized latitude knob for use with cold weather gloves on, and a D-/V-style dovetail mounting platform.

With other attributes like hard stops, auto-home functionality, batch exposures function, the V5 SynScan hand controller’s 42,000+ GoTo database, 2x 22-pound counterweights and beefy counterweight bar, plus included SNAP and power cables, the CQ350 packs heavy-duty form with heavy-duty function for a heavy-duty foundation.

Designed to be a serious contender for up-and-coming imagers as well as seasoned aces looking to build atop a supremely solid performance platform, the Sky-Watcher CQ350 is an observatory-class powerhouse that is still portable enough for field use, awaiting the master craftsman to coax down the beauty of the night sky.

Specifications for the Sky-Watcher CQ350 Equatorial Mount

General Mount Info
Mount Type Equatorial
Payload Capacity (lbs) 77
Mount head size 434mm x 176mm x 323mm
Mount head weight (lbs) 33
Mounting Saddle type D/V-style
Counterweight bar? Yes
Counterweight bar retractable? No
Counterweight bar length and diameter 15" x 31.5mm
Type of motor Stepper
Drive type Belt
Spring Loaded Worms Yes
RA gear size 155mm
Polar Scope Optional
Tracking Modes Sideral, Solar, Lunar
Latitude Range (degrees) 10° to 70°
Computer/Drive System Info
GoTo Yes
Hand controller port Yes (RJ-45, 8pin)
Guide Port? Yes (RJ-12, 6pin)
SNAP Port? Yes (2.1mm)
PC connect USB port? Yes (USB-B)
Cable management? Yes
USBs (how many and type) 4x USB ports
Power ports (how many and type) 3x 2.1mm central positive (DC 6v to 24v 5amp)
AUX ports (how many and type) RJ-10, RJ-12, RJ-45
Built-in GPS? No
Built-in WiFi? No
Hand controller? Yes
Hand controller cable used Yes
GoTo Database 42,000+ objects
Power requirements? DC11~16v
Internal Battery Pack No
Mount power port size and style 2.1mm female
Included Accessories
Counter Weight 2x 22 pound (9.9kg)
Polarscope No
Tripod No
Power cable? Yes
SNAP cable? Yes
Hand controller holder? No
Manual Yes
Case No
Case measurements No
Shipping Weight (head box) 53 pounds (24kg)
Shipping Dimensions (head box) 21.5"x19"x13.5"