Sky-Watcher AC/DC Power Adapter - S30105

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  • SKU SWU-S30105

Sky-Watcher AC/DC Power Adapter

  • AC to DC Power Adapter Unit for Sky-Watcher
  • Removable AC Line power cord
  • Output DC is via an auto cigarette lighter socket
  • Sky-Watcher GoTo Mounts powered by wall outlet

This Sky-Watcher AC/DC Power Adapter is made to let you operate most of the Sky-Watcher GoTo Mounts from a conventional US type AC wall outlet.

Please NOTE: The AllView, AZ-Gti, Az-Gte also require the optional DC power cable (which is made availabe through Sky-Watcher support).


Manufacturer: Sky-Watcher, USA
Mfgr. SKU: S30105
Device Function: AC/DC Power Adapter
AC Input Power: 120 Volts AC, nominal
AC Input Plug: Standard 3-pin grounded type AC plug
Output DC: Via attached cord with cigarette lighter socket