Sky-Watcher 6" 150P Classic Dobsonian Telescope - S11600

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Sky-Watcher 6" Classic Dobsonian Telescope

Dobsonian telescopes are such a great deal when it comes to light-gathering versus cost!  Simple to use, the Sky-Watcher 6" Classic Dobsonian is perfect for the beginner, an older child, a classroom, or frankly, anyone who wants a straightforward telescope with 6" of aperture for a relatively small investment.

This Skywatcher 6" Dobsonian telescope is called a "Classic" because the telescope portion is a traditional Newtonian reflector with a solid-style tube.  This is the same style telescope John Dobson used when he created his inexpensive and easy-to-build Dobsonian.  The OTA, or telescope tube, has a 1200mm focal length and is fitted with a 2" focuser that can accept both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces due to the inclusion of a 2" to 1.25" adapter.  The Sky-Watcher 6" Dobsonian also comes with a 6x30 Finder to help you locate objects in the night sky and center them in your eyepiece.  

The lazy-Susan style base is what makes a Dobsonian a Dobsonian!  The circular base rotates 360 degrees and the OTA sits on a cradle that allows the telescope to easily move up and down as well.  With this combination you can look in pretty much any direction, from horizon to horizon.

You will receive two 1.25" eyepieces with your new telescope; a 10mm and a 25mm, which will give you 120X and 48X, respectively.  

Sky-Watcher 6" Dobsonian Specifications

  • Optical Design:  Newtonian
  • Mirror Coatings:  94% Aluminum
  • Glass Type:  Borosilicate
  • Primary Aperture:  152mm
  • Focal Ratio:  f/7.9
  • Focal Length:  1200mm
  • Secondary Mirror Diameter:  34mm
  • Secondary Obstruction by Diameter:  16%
  • Secondary Obstruction by Area:  3%
  • Dawes Limit:  0.77
  • Rayleigh Limit:  0.93
  • Limiting Magnitude:  13.4
  • Minimum Magnification:  21
  • Maximum Magnification:  295
  • Focuser:  2" Rack & Pinion
  • OTA Length:  44.5"
  • OTA Outer Diameter:  7.125"
  • OTA Weight with Accessories:  15 lb.
  • Dob Base Weight:  25 lb.
  • Dob Base Dimensions:  29" x 20.5"
  • Eyepiece Height at Zenith:  45"
  • Finder:  6x30
  • Eyepieces:  10mm & 25mm Super 1.25"
  • Magnification with Eyepieces:  120X and 48X