Sky-Mentor Smartphone Adapter for Telescope, Microscope, & Binocular with Bluetooth shutter release

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  • 55-100mm has been tested fits iphone;iphone 5;5s;6;6 plus;7;7plus;Sony;Sony Xperia Z;Samsung Note;Samsung Galaxy S7;Galaxy 7;Galaxy 5;Galaxy Note 5;Samsung Note 4;ECT;Moto G5+ and many other brands
  • Fits eyepiece diameter from 25 to 48mm and 1.25" telescope;does not fit 2" eyepieces;co Patti Le  with microscope;telescope;binoculars;monocular;spotting scope;night vision monocular and most optical devices 
  • Aluminum alloy shell;sturdy durable and lightweight;the phone clamp made of high strength PA plastic and features adjustable locking mechanism with a steel bolt not a spring
  • Contact surfaces to connect phone is covered by soft material further protects against the device damage

TO Prevent shaky images from touching the cell phone, we are including a compact Bluetooth shutter release  device so you can take your photos without having to touch the cellphone.  Battery included.