Long Perng 110mm FPL-53 Glass f/6 ED Doublet Refractor OTA , Mounting Rings Case

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 Long Perng 110mm  FPL-53 Glass f/6 ED Doublet Refractor OTA , Mounting Rings Case- A step above! 

This  telescope is like a symphony of precision and convenience, tailored for both the casual stargazer and the ardent celestial explorer.

Picture this: with its 660mm focal length and an f-ratio of 6, this telescope is a star in its own right. It delivers brighter, wider-angle views that make it perfect for both quick sky observations and deep-sky photography. You'll find that it's particularly adept at capturing those elusive celestial details.

Now, let's talk glass. The 110mm air-spaced doublet lens with FPL-53 extra-low dispersion (ED) optical glass is the hero here. It's a superhero against chromatic aberration, ensuring that your views are sharp and free from distractions. Plus, those fully multi-coated lens surfaces are like a VIP pass for light, guaranteeing that every observation is crisp and radiant.

But that's not all! This telescope is all about reducing glare with its internal baffles and retracting lens shade/dew shield. It's like wearing sunglasses for your stargazing, ensuring high-contrast images, especially when you're checking out planets and bright celestial objects.

Now, let's focus on the Crayford-type focuser. It's like a maestro of precision, compatible with both 2” and 1.25” eyepieces. No image shift here – just smooth, precise focusing. And those dual-speed focusing knobs with an 11:1 micro-focusing ratio? Perfect for those meticulous adjustments, whether you're into astrophotography or detailed observation. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees, making it super convenient in any setup.

Craftsmanship? Check. The finely CNC machined aluminum body is both tough and sleek, with a classic black scheme that's stylish and practical. Features like the carrying handle, mounting rings, extendable dew shield, and Vixen-style dovetail bar are the icing on the cosmic cake.

And wait, there's more! It comes with an aluminum case and a 1-year warranty because the folks behind this telescope are serious about quality and your satisfaction.

In a nutshell, the Long Perng 110mm ED APO Apochromatic Refractor Telescope is like your trusty spaceship for exploring the universe. With its advanced optics and user-friendly design, it's a must-have for anyone who's as serious about stargazing as we are.

✨ ED Glass FPL53, Fully Multi-Coated.

✨ Aluminum tube

✨ 2.7” Dual Speed Rack and Pinion Focuser, includes 2” and 2”/1.25” Adaptor

✨ 10:1 Focuser ratio

✨ Black Color

✨ Carrying handle included

✨ Mounting Rings included

✨ Extendable Dew Shield

✨ Dovetail Bar Vixen style included

✨ Aluminum Case included

✨ 1-year Warranty- Manufactured in Taiwan