SharpStar 2.5" f/4.4 Full-Frame Reducer for 94EDPH Refractor

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This quad full-frame reducer was designed for the SharpStar 94EDPH to effectively reduce the scope's focal ratio from 5.5 to 4.4.  The four-element air-spaced optical design produces an image circle of 50 mm, great for full-frame cameras!

The SharpStar 94EDPH Reducer uses M74 threads to connect to the telescope and M48 threads that can receive either a 48 mm T-ring for DSLR use or most astro-cameras.  Back focus is 55 mm.

This reducer also includes a 360-degree rotator to make image composition a whole lot easier!


Compatible Telescopes:  94EDPH

Focal Ratio:  f/4.4

Image Circle:  50 mm

Back Focus:  55 mm

Optical Design:  Quad, air-spaced

Coatings:  Full-Surface Multi-Layer Coatings

Outer Diameter:  88 mm

Length:  105 mm

Weight:  .67kg