SharpStar 2" 0.95X MPCC Coma Corrector for F/3 - F/6 Newtonians - CRC2095

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This Sharpstar 2" 0.95X triplet coma corrector can be used with Newtonian parabolic reflectors with apertures from 150mm to 600 mm and focal ratios of f/3 to f/6.   The MPCC coma corrector is designed for APS-C imaging with either DSLR or astronomy cameras. Its optimum image circle is 28 mm, with a maximum IC of 44 mm.  The reduction factor is 0.95×, effectively shortening the exposure time and improving the shape of stars.

  • f/4 effectively reduced to f/3.8
  • f/5 effectively reduced to f/4.75
  • f/6 effectively reduced to f/5.7


  • Application:150mm - 600mm, f/3 through f/6 parabolic reflectors
  • Reduction Factor:0.95X
  • Image Circle:44 mm (maximum), 28 mm (optimal)
  • Lens:Triplet structure
  • Outer Diameter:50.8 mm (2")
  • Back Focus:56 mm (field-stop ring to the focal plane)
  • Length:79.7 mm
  • Coating:Full-surface multi-layer coatings
  • Weight:0.22kg