SharpStar 1X ED Full-Frame Coma Corrector - SHA-MPCC

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SharpStar 1X ED Full-Frame Coma Corrector

  • SharpStar 2" barrel Coma Corrector
  • Ideal for use with most APO Refractors
  • Fully illuminates Full-Frame sensors on most refractors
  • Back Focus is 55 mm
  • Has an M69 male thread to mate with cameras

This SharpStar 2" Coma Corrector is made to be ideal for use with your Paraboloidal Mirror Reflecting telescope to provide a coma-corrected image field for doing astro-imaging. It is designed to fully illuminate a 44 mm image circle on most common paraboloid reflector telescopes, with focal lengths of 150 mm to about 600 mm.

After the 0.95X coma corrector was introduced by SharpStar, and received a great deal of praise from astro-imagers, SharpStar has now introduced this 1X ED Full-Frame Coma Corrector system. A new 1x full-frame coma corrector is now available to meet the needs of different astronomical market segments. Optimized for coma aberration correction, it adopts a new Quadruplet lens, air-spaced design, which includes an extra-low dispersion (ED) lens, same as the 0.95x. This new SharpStar 1X ED Full-Frame Coma Corrector system features a 2" barrel with a 55 mm back focal length, which is very convenient and simple to connect to a wide variety of imaging camera equipment.

The 2" Coma Corrector Lens from SharpStar has a back focus distance of 55 mm which is a commonly-encountered back focus requirement with many astro-imaging cameras available today. Its high performance optical system consists of a Quad (4) lens design incorporating an ED lens to provide the highest level of correction for both chromatic aberration and also coma correction, which is its primary function! It provides a magnification of unity (1X) and is designed to cover the normal 44 mm image circle. Its optics are fully multi-coated.

This 1X ED Full-Frame Coma Corrector from SharpStar provides all this performance in an overall package length of only 118.7 mm and with a weight of only 0.35 kg. It also provides a focal ratio range of f/3 to f/6, depending upon your telescope with which you will be using the Coma Corrector. Now you can get those quality coma-free astro-images from your reflecting telescope, which you have wanted to obtain.


Manufacturer: SharpStar
Function: Imaging Full-Frame Coma Corrector
Slip-In Barrel Size: 2"
Lens Design: Quadruplet w/ ED lens
Suitable Use With: 150 mm to 600 mm paraboloidal reflecting telescope optics
Magnification: 1X (unity)
Focal Ratio: f/3 to f/6
Fully Illuminates: 44 mm Image Circle
Back Focus: 55 mm (Distance between the end face of the baffle ring and the focal plane)
Coatings: Fully multi-coated lenses
Overall Length: 118.7 mm
Weight: 0.35 kg
Housing: Aluminum with Black Anodizing