SAVE $$ With This Amazing Solar Bundle: Lunt 40mm Dedicated H-Alpha Telescope with B500 Blocking Filter & A Sky-Watcher Solar Quest Solar Tracking Mount; Plus SkyMentor 4" Vixen Dovetail!!

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SAVE $$ With This Amazing Solar Bundle:

Lunt 40mm Dedicated H-Alpha Telescope with B500 Blocking Filter / A  Sky-Watcher Solar Quest Solar Tracking Mount Plus A Skymentor 4" Vixen Dovetail!


LUNT 40/B500 Description

The Lunt 40mm Solar Telescope provides the basic essentials perfect for a first time introduction to solar observing. A true grab and go dedicated hydrogen alpha telescope, the Lunt 40mm F/10 system is sure to impress allowing both amateur and seasoned professions to experience  the awe inspiring phenomena of our closest Star!

Easily portable and a joy to use, the Lunt 40mm has the smallest aperture offering of all the dedicated h-alpha solar telescopes at Lunt Solar Systems, while providing the power,  amazing detail and quality you expect from a Lunt Telescope -all at an impressive ~4.0mm Solar Image Size! 

This Lunt 40mm Hydrogen Alpha Telescope includes a Non-Rotating Helical Focuser, integrated Vixen Style Dovetail, a built-in Sol Searcher sun finder and a B500 Blocking Filter for visual use.  For photographic use, we recommend a B600 or B1200 blocking filter.


  • System Wavelength: 656.28nm. Hydrogen-alpha
  • System Focal Ratio: f10
  • Focal Length:  400 mm
  • Objective: Precision Doublet (Optimized at 656nm)
  • Objective Coating:  Ion Assist Ultra-Narrowband AR (656 nm)
  • Focuser:  Non-rotating helical
  • Sun Finder:  Built-in Tele Vue Sol Searcher
  • Etalon Size: 40mm full aperture
  • Etalon Material:  UV Grade Fused Silica
  • Etalon Tuning: Tilt
  • Etalon FWHM (Bandpass): <0.7 A
  • Blocking Filter: 5mm in 1.25" diagonal
  • Blocking Filter Bandpass:  6 A
  • Mounting Foot: 4" Vixen dovetail plate
  • Weight of Telescope: 2.8 lb
  • Telescope Storage:  Box with fitted foam

NOTE; Telescope in photo is show with OPTIONAL LUNT ZOOM EYEPIECE.  Not included with this purchase and for illustrative purposes only 


Sky-Watcher Solar Quest Solar Tracking Mount - Description


  • Dedicated Solar Tracking Mount
  • Track the Sun automatically
  • Determines the Solar Alignment
  • Helio-Find technology and Auto-Leveling built in
  • 8-way Joy Stick for centering the Sun
  • Built in GPS system
  • Payload Capacity is 11 lb
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries or 12 V DC

This is the Solar Quest Solar Tracking Mount and Tripod from Sky-Watcher. It is a Dedicated Solar-Tracking Mount; meant for use tracking the Sun only, not for night sky star tracking. The Sky-Watcher SolarQuest solar tracking mount is lightweight and amazingly easy to use. No need to worry about aligning your equipment the night before or early in the morning.

Using its patented built-in "HelioFind" solar finder and built-in GPS, SolarQuest autolevels itself and then calculates the azimuth and altitude of the sun, all with the single push of a button. Once self-aligned, the mount locates and tracks the sun for hours at a time. It uses DC Servo motors to track the Sun in Altitude and Azimuth mode. It runs on 8 AA batteries (batteries are NOT included), or it can also run on external 12 Volts DC supplied with included adapter plate (needs an external source of 12 V DC).

This Sky-Watcher Solar Quest Solar Tracking Mount uses a Vixen style dovetail plate for mounting your own scope. It has slewing speeds of 16x and 1200x for rapid relocating movements, and tracks at the solar rate in Az-El (Alt-Az) mode. This solar tracking mount only weighs 8.9 lb but has a payload capacity of 11 lb. It includes an adjustable aluminum tripod with an accessory tray and a tripod extension. SolarQuest is perfect for eclipse chasers or anyone fascinated with our closest star. This Solar Quest Solar Tracking Mount is made for solar observations only.

If you are interested in observing our Sun with your own dedicated solar telescope this is the perfect mount to track the Sun for hours with no fuss and no mess, just enjoyment and ease of operation. Remember, ONLY ever observe our Sun with a telescope which is designed for solar viewing, or with proven, dedicated, safe solar filters on a regular scope.


Manufacturer: Sky-Watcher, USA
Mfgr. SKU: S21170
Device Function: Solar Tracking Mount
Payload Capacity: 11 lb
Weighs: 8.9 lb
Tripod: Yes, Includes Tripod
Mates To: A Scope via Vixen dovetail