Meade Polaris DC Motor Drive for Polaris Series Equatorial Telescopes - 616000

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Transform Your Stargazing Experience with the Meade Polaris Electric RA Motor Drive!

Elevate your celestial journey with the easy-to-attach Meade Polaris Electric RA Motor Drive, designed specifically for Meade Polaris EQ telescopes This nifty gadget is your ticket to effortless celestial tracking.

Stay Centered on the Cosmos: Once you hook up this motor drive and power it on, your telescope becomes a celestial tracking powerhouse. It smoothly moves at the sidereal rate, keeping any star, planet, or moon right in your sights and perfectly centered in your telescope's field of view.

Speedy Adjustments for Stellar Tracking: With its variable speed control, switching your tracking speed is a breeze. Whether you're following the swift moon, wandering planets, or distant stars, this motor drive has you covered.

Effortless Alignment for Extended Viewing: Properly align your Polaris EQ mount (check your telescope's manual for easy instructions), and voila! Enjoy up to 10 to 20 minutes of hands-free viewing before needing to re-center. It's compatible with both Northern and Southern Hemisphere operations, making it a versatile companion for your stargazing adventures.

Simple Direction Control: The convenient N/S switch on the motor housing lets you control the tracking direction with ease. And the best part? Once it's installed, you can leave it attached permanently for spontaneous sky-watching sessions.

Long-Lasting Battery Life: Powered by a single standard 9V battery (included), this motor drive promises many nights of enjoyable observing. Expect around 40 hours of total run time, ensuring many memorable encounters with the night sky.