Optolong L-eXtreme F2 7nm Dual Band Filter for Fast Optics - 2"

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The Optolong L-eXtreme F2 is a dual-band (500.7 nm and 656.28 nm, FWHM=7 nm) narrowband pass filter that meets the requirements for transmission at continuously varying angles. Astronomically characterized spectral lines (OIII, Ha) are the main transmission wavelengths, and the OIII and H-Alpha nebula emission lines pass accurately at f2 - f3.3.  This 2" L-eXtreme filter performs well with RASA, HyperStar F2 and other telescopes with fast optics of f/2 to f/3.3.

Key Features:

  • Together with one-shot color astronomical cameras, monochrome astronomical cameras, and Digital SLR cameras, you can quickly obtain clear and detailed images of the deep sky;
  • Ideal for fast optical systems, like the Celestron RASA, Hyperstar, and other fast focal ratio telescope users;
  • Anti-light pollution, better contrast, more details in celestial objects: This filter cuts out background light and noise beyond the target objects to get better details and contrast in your images. L-eXtreme F2 can effectively block light pollution so that the images will not be affected by unwanted lighting or sky glow if the background. You can quickly get satisfactory pictures with fast optical systems.
Substrate optical glass
Thickness 1.85mm

OIII 7nm

Ha 7nm

Blocking range 300-1000nm
Blocking Depth >OD4
Surface quality 60/40
Transmitted Wavefront RMS λ/4
 Parallelism 30s