Tele Vue NP-127fli Astrograph Imaging Telescope- NPF-5055

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About the Televue NP127fli Astrograph Imaging Telescope...

TeleVue Telescope and Finger Lakes Instrumentation have teamed together to create a "turn-key," wide-field imaging system dedicated to astrophotography. The flat-field, fast focal ratio, and short focal length of the Televue NP127fli Astrograph Imaging Telescope are a perfect match for the ProLine PL16803 camera. Together they produce over a 4 degrees field of beautifully sharp stars!


The Tele Vue NP127fli Astrograph Imaging Telescope has been designed to ideally position the Atlas focuser near the center of its travel. Tele Vue''s "Large Field Corrector" lens sits within the Atlas and is properly located to accommodate the combined path length of FLI''s CenterLine filter wheel and ProLine cameras. All connections use FLI''s Zero Tilt Adapter system. Additionally, TeleVue Telescope''s unique image plane tilt correction is incorporated into the new rear section of the NP127fli. In the final stage of the build process at Tele Vue, each TeleVue Telescope is set-up so that the imaging train will be as close to perfectly adjusted as possible. User adjustability is built-in to allow for any possible differences between a customer''s existing pieces of equipment. Combine with a TeleVue Mount for excellence in astrophotography.


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TeleVue NP127fli Astrograph Imaging Telescope Feautres...


  • Image plane tilt correction system



  • Built-in Tele Vue Large Field Corrector lens



  • Screw-on metal lens cover



  • Rings with 3 point mounting



  • Hard-shell carry case



TeleVue NP127fli Astrograph Imaging Telescope Specifications...

Type: APO (Nagler-Petzval) Refractor

(Elements/Groups: 5/3)

Objective (mm): 127

Focal Length (mm): 680

Focal Ratio (f/#): 5.3

Length OTA (inch): 35.8 (without FLI hardware)

Maximum Imaging Field (deg.): 4.3 (52mm diagonal chip)

Weight OTA (lbs): 15.7

TeleVue Product Number: NPF-5055