New Smartphone Adapter for Digiscoping! Introductory Price - Save ~$30!

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  • SKU K284305

New KITE Smartphone Adapter for Digiscoping and more!

Ready to effortlessly capture the solar eclipse on  April   8 2024, visible across Canada and the USA, with your smartphone? Our latest gadget is your ticket to stunning eclipse images, no matter what smartphone you wield. Designed to work seamlessly with a solar filter on your binoculars or telescope, it's the perfect companion for this celestial event.

Thanks to its innovative magnetic system, attaching and detaching this device is a breeze—no more wrestling with awkward fittings. It aligns with your optical gear with such precision, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Get ready to snap those breathtaking eclipse shots with ease and impress all your friends with your photographic prowess.

If you are not familiar with the term digiscoping  it simply means attaching a Smartphone to another optic instrument.  It might be a microscope, a telescope, one eye of a binocular but most usually a spotting scope.

The new KITE Smartphone Adapter has a unique design that allows for fast, accurate mounting of the phone to virtual any optic.