Meade ETX 90/ETX 125 Tripod Carry Bag - 605001

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  • SKU MEA-605001

Meade Tripod Carry Bag
(Fits Meade ETX 90 & 125 Tripods
Plus Celestron Nexstar 4SE, 5SE, 6SE & 8SE Tripods)

Hiqh Quality Padded Bag. No Skimping on quality here. Has a separate padded Compartment to carry the Tripod Tray and  in the Lid.
& another side compartment for other accessories such as eyepieces, or
telescope hand controller.

This Meade Tripod Carry Bag is designed for the ETX Field Tripod, either the ETX 90 or the ETX 125 model. This product is a soft, easy-to-pack and handle carrying bag. 

It holds the ETX/Celestron SE  Field Tripod within a soft protective padded interior, and has carrying handles and a removable strap. It also includes an accessory bag with drawstring for carrying accessories for the ETX. This Tripod Carry Bag for the ETX Field Tripod by Meade includes a perimeter type zipper on three sides, to make access to the top end of the bag very easy. You can insert or remove the Field Tripod from this bag very quickly.

Protect your ETX /Celestron SE Field Tripod investment when traveling or observing in conditions where weather may be changing.