Meade LXD75 10" Schmidt-Newtonian Optical Tube Only(Pre-Owned)

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This is a Pre-owned  item with only minor scratches on the optical tube without any effect on the optical quality and performance of the scope.

NOTE: Their is also a small smudge/mak  on the primary mirror about 1/4", this will not affect overall optical visual or photographic performance

Meade LXD75 10" Optical tube Only

Meade's 10" LXD75 Schmidt-Newtonian reflector a 2.00" focuser to accept 2.00" diagonals, prisms and eyepieces. Having a 2.00" focuser greatly adds to the versatility of the viewing.

The Schmidt-Newtonian telescope design is exclusive to Meade and represents a great breakthrough for those with a burgeoning interest in amateur astronomy. The battle for market share between telescope types has always involved tradeoffs of the size, value and optical quality of the unit. Optical purists usually endure the enormous refractors for their stellar optical quality, beginners often select Newtonian reflectors for their great light gathering capacity per dollar, and those in between often chose the Schmidt-Cassegrain type for its combination of the two attributes.

The Newtonian has always had two large drawbacks, which are that the bright images it produces loses significant optical quality as one moves towards the edge of the field of view and the open design requires a high degree of maintenance. The Schmidt-Newtonian solves both of these problems, offering a much larger usable viewing field thanks to a corrective lens which also seals the unit to prevent the habitual entry of dust, dew and debris. In one fell swoop, the Newtonian's appeal roars back to the forefront.

This version also includes Meade's UHTC Ultra High Transmission Coatings, an important feature to optimize the performance of your Meade telescope. Technologies developed at the Meade Irvine coatings facility have optimized the visual and photographic performance of Meade telescopes. The UHTC coatings, employed upon all optical surfaces, result in a 20% decrease in light loss and a dramatic enhancement in detail of deep space objects.

I Meade LXD75 SN-10AT Specs

Optical Design
Schmidt-Newtonian reflector
Optical Lens Diameter
10.0" (254mm)
Focal Length
Focal Ratio
Maximum Useful Magnification
Resolving Power
Optical Tube Dimensions
11.9 x 36.1" (30.2 x 91.7 cm) WxL
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter
2" (includes adapter accepting 1.25" eyepieces)
8x50 Straight