Meade LX85 Illuminated Polar Scope - 617008

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  • SKU MEA-617008
  • Handy polar scope makes polar-aligning the Meade LX85 equatorial telescope mount a snap
  • Built-in reticle pattern for quickly determining the rotation of the North Pole around Polaris
  • Battery powered illuminator included to light up the reticle - extremely handy in the dark when the reticle itself would be difficult to see against the background sky
  • Easy installation - simply threads into the R.A. axis of the LX85 telescope mount
  • Ensures accurate GoTo slewing and tracking of your LX85 mount

The Meade LX85 Illuminated Polar Scope enables highly accurate polar alignment of the LX85 equatorial telescope mount. Accurate polar alignment is essential for precise tracking, especially at high powers as well as for guiding when doing astrophotography.

The battery-operated LED illuminator lights up the reticle for easier guiding.

The illuminated LX85 Polarscope threads into the telescope mount's housing along the Right Ascension axis. The optics feature a printed reticle that makes aligning on Polaris easy and fast. Includes complete instructions.