Meade LX85 Counterweight - 617005

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  • SKU MEA-617005

Meade Counterweight For LX85 Mount

  • Counterweight for LX85 EQ Mount
  • Extra Meade weight or Replacement CW
  • Fabricated from Steel

This product is a replacement Meade Counterweight (or extra weight if needed) for the Meade LX85 German Equatorial Mount. Note: This is only a counterweight. Made to fit the CW shaft of the LX85 Mount perfectly. If you have a heavy telescope and/or imaging equipment on your existing mount, you may need an extra counterweight! Note: Shaft is NOT included.


Manufacturer: Meade
Function: Spare Counterweight
Fit/Form: Fits CW shaft on the LX85 Equatorial Mount
Attachment Via: Has a locking screw with large knob