Meade ETX-LS ACF SC 6"/152mm Catadioptric Telescope (pre-owned)

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  • SKU USED20805

This is a used scope in good condition


Key Features:
  • 1524mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Motorized Altazimuth Mount
  • "GO-TO" Capacity
  • Self Aligning
  • Built-In CCD Camera

Meade ETX-LS ACF Overview

Ushering in a new era of absurd ease of use in a telescope, the Meade ETX-LS ACF 6" SC Telescope is the world's first "GO-TO" scope which literally aligns itself!  Using a combination of a few sensors, a CCD camera, and some computerized intelligence, the ETX-LS's LightSwitch technology is able to detect where it is and where it is pointing.  All you do is turn it on and get to the good stuff-the observing and imaging.  Combined with great Schmidt-Cassegrain optics in a 6" aperture, it makes for an attractive offering for any serious amateur observer.

The ACF optics have lowered to non-existent levels of coma, which is seen when stars have 'tails' as you radiate away from the center of the field, and the choice as to whether to spring for this optical enhancement is yours alone.  In either event, you'll get great viewing with enough brightness to observe some deep space objects and enough sharpness to create nice images.

After the scope aligns itself, use the included AutoStar III controller to guide you around the sky.  Simply tell it what you want to see and it goes and gets it for you, or you can use the guided tours (tailored to your locale and the date) and it will show you the best of the evening's offerings.  There's a speaker on the body, an audio output for headphones, and a video output which can display reference pictures and graphics on your computer.

The rigid single-fork mount of the ETX-LS has 4.8" worm gears and enough clearance to use your SLR or CCD camera of choice.  Combine it with the simple T-adapter for shorter exposures, or use one of Meade's Deep Sky Imagers which can use their software to adjust for an altazimuth mount's field rotation over long exposures.

There's also a built-in CCD camera on the ETX-LS, primarily used to facilitate the self-alignment procedure, but also able to take 12° VGA-resolution (640 x 480 pixels) wide field images.

Incredibly fast, easy LightSwitch alignment; literally flip a switch and you're done (self-alignment takes app. 6-8 minutes).

Schmidt-Cassegrain optics with Meade's ACF UHTC multicoatings
Bright 6" aperture allows viewing and imaging of deep space objects
Built-in CCD camera aids alignment and makes wide field images (to a user-supplied SD card)

Rigid single-fork altazimuth mount, with 4.8" all-metal worm gears, provides smooth movement and plenty of clearance for imaging accessories

Sophisticated AutoStar III hand controller with 100,000 objects of interest
Works in Northern and Southern hemisphere

Advanced multimedia output includes audio/video content (built-in speaker, audio output jack, and composite video output to external monitor) and guided tours customized to your location/time/date

Operates 3-5 hours from 8 "C" batteries, or use an optional AC adapter with wall socket or #607 DC cord from a Celestron Power Tank (or other 12V DC power source)