Meade EclipseView 139mm Film Solar Filter - 627014 (126mm -135mm)

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  • SKU MEA-627014

This 139mm EclipseView White Light Film Solar Filter from Meade has a clear aperture of 95mm and a cell that is designed to fit telescopes with an outside diameter between 130mm and 139mm, including the following Meade telescopes:

  • ETX 90 Observer
  • Infinity 90
  • Infinity 102
  • Polaris 90
  • StarNavigator NG 90
  • StarNavigator NG 90 MAK
  • StarNavigator NG 102

You can also use this Solar filter for other makes and Models and brands of telescopes as well.

The Meade EclipseView uses solar film that is approved for safe viewing of the Sun and meets ISO 123112-2:2015 and is CE certified to 12-16 of EN 169/1992.   

ID: 126-135mm.