Meade Adventure Scope Solar Eclipse Scope 60 Refractor Bundle- 222000

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  • SKU MEA-22200-Sol

Meade Adventure Scope Solar Scope  60mm Refractor Package
with Solar Filter & Cell phone adaptor Bundle 

  • Perfect scope for day or night!
  • Achromatic Refractor with a 60mm aperture
  • (2) 1.25" eyepieces for observing at both low & high magnifications
  • Lightweight aluminum tripod
  • This portable scope includes a backpack to carry OTA, tripod, & accessories
  • Solar Filter with ISO Certifications
  • Cell Phone adaptor Universal 
  • Backpack to store & transport your kit

Meade’s  Adventure Scope 60 Refractor Package is the perfect scope for the explorer seeking to observe both day and night objects up close! This telescope has a 60mm aperture, and is portable and easy. It’s the ideal telescope for those observing on the go.

Enhance your solar eclipse viewing experience with the Filter for the Adventure Scope Solar Scope 60mm Refractor Package. With three nylon safety screws to securely attach the filter to your telescope, rest assured that your solar observation will be safe and enjoyable.

Solar Safe products feature advanced filter technology providing ultimate protection from harmful solar radiation, including both IR and UV light, and filters 99.999% of intense visible light. Our filter technology is GUARANTEED SAFE for direct solar observation and has been independently tested for safety.

Our products conform to and meet the transmission requirements of ISO 12312-2, Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun, ensuring a high standard of safety for your solar viewing experience.

Compatible with the Adventure Scope Solar Scope 60mm Refractor Package, our Filter lets you observe the sun safely with a pleasing orange color. Witness the eclipse from start to finish with confidence and peace of mind!

The Adventure Scope includes a rugged backpack that is able to fit the Telescope Optical tube , tripod, and accessories, making it the perfect choice for any travelers, hikers, or campers out there who are eager to observe and witness the unknown! The included red dot finder scope, erect-image diagonal, and two eyepieces make locating objects easy.

This lightweight refractor gives observers options— view the beautiful countryside around you, including the trees and meadows or view the stellar, dazzling sky above you, including stars, Moon, and planets. Includes removable red dot finder, erect image diagonal, two eyepieces, and carrying backpack. & Solar Filter and Universal Cell phone adaptor. 


Dive into the solar eclipse spectacle with our premium Filter for the Adventure Scope, tailored for the 60mm Refractor Package. Equipped with three durable nylon safety screws, this filter promises a secure fit on your telescope, ensuring your solar observations are both thrilling and secure.

Boasting a top-tier filter technology, our product shields you from harmful solar radiation, including menacing IR and UV rays, while filtering out 99.999% of intense visible light. This technology isn't just safe—it's been rigorously tested to ensure your direct solar observations are protected to the max.

Not just any filter, ours meets the rigorous transmission requirements of ISO 12312-2 for Direct Observation of the Sun. This means you're getting a filter that's not only safe but also adheres to the highest standards of solar viewing safety.


With a compact and lightweight design at an affordable price, the Adventure Scope is sure to exceed your expectations! Take it on your next hike!

Warranty 1 Year
Clear Aperture 60mm (2.4”)
Optical Design Achromatic Refractor
Focal Length 360mm
Focal Ratio f/6
Viewfinder Red Dot
Eyepiece(s) Two 1.25”  Eyepieces ( 18mm 1.25"  & 6mm 1.25" )
Solar Filter  ISO Approved 12312-4
Diagonal 1.25” 90 degree erect-image diagonal
Assembled Product Weight 2.8lb