Meade 1.25" Correcting Prism 45° Diagonal for ETX 90/105/125 - 07210 (OPEN BOX)

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Meade 1.25" Correcting Prism 45° Diagonal for ETX

ETX telescopes feature an internal flat mirror in order to reflect light to the telescope's 90° astronomical observing position. In this position the telescope's image is reversed yet upright. For terrestrial observing the 45 degree correcting prism results in a correctly oriented image and a convenient 45 degree observing angle. For use with the ETX-90, ETX-105, and ETX-125 telescopes (Use the Meade #933 for ETX-70AT).

  • Use your ETX 90 Telescope for terristrial land viewing
  • 45-degree erecting prism for land viewing
  • Orients images correctly instead of reversed
  • Threads onto telescope's rear cell
  • Gives your ETX-90 telescope a daytime job