Lunt Solar Systems 40 mm Front-Mounted Double Stack Filter for LS40Tha - LS40FHa

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  • The Lunt Solar 40mm Double Stack Hydrogen-alpha Filter is FINALLY available!
  • This Ha solar filter mounts directly to the objective of your existing Lunt 40 mm dedicated HA telescope.
  • Unobstructed, the LS40FHA lowers the bandpass of your existing LS40THa telescope to ~<0.5A !
  • The required adapter is included with the Double Stack Unit

The Lunt LS40FHa Solar Filter is a 40 mm aperture (no central obstruction) integrally tuned etalon for use on Lunt Dedicated 40 mm Telescopes - A Lunt Solar Systems Blocking Filter is REQUIRED and sold separately.

Because the LS40FHa Solar Filter has an estimated bandpass of <0.70 Angstrom it is capable of providing high contrast views of both surface and edge detail. Significantly, adding an additional etalon system (double-stacking) will reduce the bandpass to ~<0.50, allowing for higher resolution viewing and/or imaging. 

  • Optical Aperture: 40 mm
  • Etalon:  <0.50 Angstrom as Double-Stack
  • Blocking Filter:  Required but sold separately
  • Tuning: Tilt
  • Focal Length: 400mm (Unchanged)
  • Filter Weight: ~1 lb (~.4kg)