Lunt Solar Backing Plate and Focuser For LS100MT - BP&F/LS100MT

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Lunt Solar Backing Plate and Focuser For LS100MT

If you have a Lunt LS100MT Modular Telescope and want to use it for nighttime, you can do it with this back plate and focuser assembly. This special back plate and standard 2″ Crayford focuser package will allow you to do that!

You will configure your telescope for nighttime operation by removing the Ha Etalon and its attached focuser and blocking filter.

This item will attach to the rear of your LS100MT and allow you to use regular eyepieces and a star diagonal for nighttime observations.

NOTE: Your product may look slightly different. The Image shows back plate & focuser but also the Optional Cak module (diagonal & blue eyepiece barrel portion of the image) for illustration purposes only. This product will NOT include a Ca-K module! The image also shows a star diagonal and eyepiece attached to the focuser, for illustration purposes only. Your product will NOT include a diagonal or eyepiece.


  • Product SKU: BP&F/LS100MT
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7"x 6"x 5"