Long Perng 8mm - 20mm Zoom Lanthanum 1.25" Eyepiece - E0820Z-UA

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New! 2.5X Lanthanum Zoom Eyepiece

Not Just Any Eyepiece: This isn't your average eyepiece; it's a ticketot one of  nature's most awe-inspiring events – the Solar Eclipse. With its premium Lanthanum optics, you're guaranteed bright, distortion-free views, whether you're using a standard telescope or an H-Alpha Telescope. And remember, safety first – always pair it with a Solar Filter when sun-gazing!


Imagine this: You're out under the night sky, your trusty telescope poised to explore the cosmos. And what's the secret to unlocking the universe's wonders? Well, it's the Long Perng 8-20mm 2.5X Zoom Lanthanum Eyepiece, of course! 🪐

This eyepiece isn't just another accessory; it's like having a front-row seat to the cosmic theater. With its Lanthanum optics, you'll witness bright, distortion-free images that will leave you awe-struck. Its 1.25" barrel and twist-up eyecup make for comfortable stargazing sessions that won't leave you with a crick in your neck.

But here's the real star of the show: the optical design. With 7 elements in 5 groups, fully multi-coated for maximum clarity, it offers an apparent field of view that ranges from a generous 60 degrees at 20mm to a still-impressive 40 degrees at 8mm. It's like having multiple eyepieces in one, a true cosmic chameleon!

And did I mention it's made in Taiwan? Quality and craftsmanship come together to create this piece of stargazing magic. 🌟

So, fellow celestial adventurers, whether you're scanning the night for distant galaxies or admiring the craters on the moon, the Long Perng 8-20mm 2.5X Zoom Lanthanum Eyepiece is your ticket to the stars. Don't just observe the universe; immerse yourself in it with this fantastic eyepiece! 🌠✨

  1. Reduced Chromatic Aberration: Lanthanum glass is highly prized for its ability to minimize chromatic aberration. This type of aberration occurs when a lens fails to focus all colors to the same convergence point, resulting in color fringing around bright objects. Lanthanum glass reduces this effect, leading to clearer and sharper images.

  2. Improved Sharpness and Contrast: Eyepieces with Lanthanum glass typically provide sharper images with better contrast. This is crucial when observing celestial objects, as it allows for more detailed and vivid views, whether you're looking at the Moon's craters, Jupiter's bands, or the rings of Saturn.

  3. Enhanced Color Correction: The unique properties of Lanthanum glass help in better color correction across the visible spectrum. This means that the views through such eyepieces are more true to life and free from color distortions, making them ideal for both planetary and deep-sky observations.

  4. Long Eye Relief: Eyepieces with Lanthanum glass often offer long eye relief, making them comfortable for extended use, especially for observers who wear glasses. Eye relief is the distance from the last surface of an eyepiece at which the eye can obtain the full viewing angle. Longer eye relief provides a more comfortable viewing experience.

  5. High Refractive Index: Lanthanum glass has a high refractive index, which allows for the design of eyepieces with fewer elements. Fewer elements can mean lighter eyepieces and less internal light loss, leading to brighter images.

  6. Durability and Quality: Lanthanum glass is durable and maintains its optical properties over time, ensuring that the eyepiece remains a valuable part of your astronomy kit for years.

Long Perng 8-20mm 2.5X Zoom Lanthanum Eyepiece Specifications

  • Focal Length:  8 mm - 20 mm

  • Optical Design:  7 elements in 5 groups

  • Lens Material:  Lanthanum

  • Eye Relief:  20 mm at lowest power

  • Field of View:  40 - 60 degrees

  • Optical Coating:  FMC, or Fully Multi Coated

  • Body Material:  Aluminum alloy

  • Barrel Size:  1.25"

  • Eye Cup Design:  Twist up

  • Made in Taiwan