Kite Optics Ursus 10x50 Roof Prism Binoculars - KOU1050

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Kite Optics Ursus 10x50 Binoculars

  • Ergonomic Shape for Easy Operation
  • Large Focus Wheel For Quick, Easy Focusing
  • Kite Optics Entry Level Bino Models
  • Light Weight Relative to its large aperture
  • 17 mm Eye Relief
  • 4.88 mm Exit Pupil size
  • 6.3° Field of View (FOV)
  • Waterproof and Gas Filled design
  • 30 Year Warranty (Binos)

The Kite Optics 10x50 Ursus Binoculars high-quality optical binoculars with 10x50 performance specs will provide you with sharp well-resolved observations at 10x power. The Kite Optics 10x50 Ursus binocular is the entry model of the Kite Optics professional roof prism range. It is an easy to use all-round pair of binoculars, designed for every day use in many applications. It comes with an extensive 30 year warranty. The optical system benefits from the Kite MHR coating; this is a coating system that provides full multi coating on all lens surfaces, as well as a high reflective coating on the prism. This results in excellent color balance, with a bright and sharp image. This model, the KOU1050 is their largest aperture version in the Ursus line. The large 50 mm aperture objectives offer a maximum light collection ability for bright, clear images, even in low light levels.

The Kite Ursus is fully waterproof and nitrogen gas filled, eliminating any chance of condensation from the inside. Its chassis is fully covererd with a strong rubber armor to give the instrument optimal protection against shocks and jolts. Yet it is always easy to hold and use when viewing objects.

The soft-touch rubber armor exterior is designed to provide maximum grip on the right places. The instrument is ultra light in weight and well balanced, making it very comfortable to hold, to handle, and to carry on your excursions, all day. The short hinge design permits your fingers to wrap around the barrel, and use the instrument with one hand only, when this is necessary. This is especially handy when using the larger KOU1050 size, 50 mm aperture binocular.

This Kite Optics Ursus 10x50 Binocular is provided with clever 4-stage metal eyecups, for optimum viewing comfort for those persons who wear glasses. They are fully adjustable. These eyecups are covered with soft rubber end pieces to provide comfort and safety when contacting your glasses or your face. They are also removable by the user when the user wants to clean them or the eyepiece lenses.

Easy to carry, to hold, easy to use, and with beautiful image quality, the Kite Optics Ursus 10x50 Binocular have a large ribbed focus wheel which provides a good grip for focusing, even when wearing gloves. The wheel turns easily and smoothly, to give you fast accurate focusing from nearby objects to infinity. Another very nice touch is the provision of soft touch armor thumb depressions in just the right places, which promote comfortable, tireless viewing.


Model: KOU1050
Magnification: 10x
Objective lens diameter (mm): 50 mm
Exit pupil (mm): 4.88 mm
Min. focus (m): 1.9 m
Field of view (m/1000 m): 110 m
FOV Angle: 6.3 deg
Eye relief (mm): 17 mm
Interpupillary distance (mm): 74 mm - 55 mm
Height (mm): 170 mm
Max width (mm): 140 mm
Min width (mm): 122 mm
Weight (g): 940 grams
Twilight factor: 22.4
Waterproof: Yes
Gas filled: Yes
Warranty: 30 years
Rubber Coated Body: Yes