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Kendrick makes a variety of power cords for many telescope models, including Astro Physics, Bisque, Losmandy, Meade, Celestron Takahashi, Sky-Watcher and more.  All telescope power cords are 8 feet long unless otherwise noted and made of heavy-duty high-flex cable.

12V Power Cords:  DC power plug on telescope end and cigarette lighter plug on the other.

15V, 18V, 24V & 48V Power Cords:  DC power plug on telescope end.  The other end plugs into Kendrick Power Packs, Imaging Power Panels and ePacks that have an inverter built into them.  Since the inverter boosts voltage, these higher voltage cables are designed for telescopes and mounts that run best on more than 12V.

NOTE: the 2086-LG12 is a 12 volt power cord. It will power a Losmandy GM8/G11 Gemini mount but 18 volts is recommended. These are sold for those people who do not want to purchase an 18 volt inverter or a 2081-18 or 2083 18 volt battery.