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iOptron Tripod for iPANO/SkyTracker/SmartEQ/Cube - 3221

iOptron   ——   SKU: IOP-3221
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iOptron Tripod for iPANO/SkyTracker/SmartEQ/Cube

This iOptron Stainless Steel collapsing Tripod is made to work with iPANO, SkyTracker, SmartEQ /Pro and SmartStar/Cube mounts from iOptron. It is a sturdy yet lightweight tripod made with 1.25" Stainless Steel legs which can be easily folded up for easy transportation. It also includes a sturdy spreader tray to make the tripod legs more secure when doing astrophotography work.

This stainless steel tripod fits the following mounts (please specify while ordering):

1. iPano AllView camera mount
2. SkyTracker camera mount
3. SmartEQ/SmartEQ Pro mount
4. SmartStar/Cube mount with an M8 mounting hole
5. SmartStar/Cube mount with a 3/8" mounting hole (Test the threads with the dovetail lock screw, if it fits, the thread is M8, otherwise 3/8”.)