iOptron Photron RC6 - 6 inch Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope OTA - 6111

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iOptron Photron RC6 - 6 inch Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope OTA

Introducing the new iOptron Photron 150 mm (6") Ritchey-Chretien (RC) Astrograph! iOptron has long been recognized for producing solid, stable, accurate tracking telescope mounts, and now they have added three new RC Astrograph telescopes to their well-known line. This Astrograph is the model 6111, having an aperture of 150 mm (6 in) and a focal ratio of f/9 for a focal length of 1370 mm.

The iOptron® Photron Ritchey-Chrétien design telescopes feature low thermal expansion quartz primary and secondary mirrors with ninety-nine percent reflective dietetic coatings. The RC optical design delivers coma, spherical and chromatic aberration free results, perfect for color or monochrome imaging.

A fixed-position primary mirror cleverly eliminates image shift that occurs from focusing with other telescope designs. The iOptron RC6 150 mm Astrograph comes with a 2" dual-speed linear-bearing Crayford focuser. Three focuser extension rings are provided for a “flex-free” solid extension as a means to take up any unneeded back focus. Its steel tube is equipped with knife edge baffles to diminish contrast reducing stray light, improving the instrument in both visual and imaging uses. This iOptron Photron 150 mm Ritchey-Chretien (RC) RC6 Astrograph model comes with one Vixen style dovetail mounting plate.


  • Ritchey-Chrétien optical design
  • Coma free, chromatic aberration-free, spherical aberration-free optics
  • 150 mm (6") optical aperture
  • 1370 mm focal length
  • f/9 focal ratio
  • Fixed primary mirror
  • Low thermal expansion quartz mirrors
  • Multiple knife-edge baffle system
  • 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser
  • Finder scope base and dovetail bar
  • Optional finder scope
  • Optional diagonal
  • Optional 1.25" eyepiece
  • Optional iOptron Electric Focuser

NOTE: Finderscope, star diagonal, and eyepiece shown in photo are for illustration purposes only, the finderscope, star diagonal, and eyepiece are NOT included with this OTA product.

What's In The Box:

  • #6111 6" RC OTA only w/2" dual speed Crayford focuser
  • 2X25 mm, 1 X 50 mm focus extention
  • 1.25" accessory adapter
  • Vixen dovetail bar


Optical Design: Ritchey-Chretien
Clear Aperture: 150 mm
Focal Length: 1370 mm
Focal Ratio: f/9
Resolving Power: 0.76 arcseconds
Limiting Magnitude: 13.6
Highest Useful Magnification: 180X
Secondary Mirror Size: 67 mm
Focuser: 10:1 Crayford dual-speed
Focuser size: 2”
Dovetail Bar: Vixen-style
Finderscope Base: Yes
Finder scope: Optional
Tube material: Steel
Tube Length: 19.1”
Tube Weight: 12 lb
Other Accessories: 2” to 1.25” compression ring adapter; 1" long extension tube X2; 2" long extension tube X1
Gross Weight: 18 lb
Warranty: One year limited