iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope for SkyTracker Pro mount - 3339

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iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope

The iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope is a high-precision easy to use polarscope which combines an optical system which detects star patterns in the night sky by means of an internal electronic camera and uses software on your PC to determine the position of the polar axis with respect to the celestial poles. This is not an optical polar scope in that you cannot look through it; it is entirely electronic. It is designed to work with "Windows" software on a PC, only.

This product, model #3339 fits the SkyTracker Pro mount, and has a side mounted USB connector, and includes a USB cable. No adapter is needed with this model.

NOTE: Mount is NOT included! 

iPolar Features:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • High precision (30 arcsec)
  • Not necessary to be able to see the Pole Star
  • No need to rotate the mount during alignment
  • Unique imaging enhancement technique is used
  • Smart plate solving
  • On-screen instruction provided during alignment
  • Can be used under poor sky visibility conditions
  • Used with a PC/Windows and specific iPolar software
  • Compatible with most equatorial mounts with the proper adapter

The iPolar Electronic Polarscope from iOptron is a unique electronic polarscope device which is provided in several different formats, depending on the mount on which it is intended to be used. The iPolar is a smart electronic polarscope which when used with the iPolar software on your existing PC, makes polar aligning a much easier task.

The iPolar Electronic Polarscope from iOptron can be installed easily inside the RA shaft on all iOptron equatorial mounts, using the appropriate models for these, except the SmartEQ Pro. It can be used on any mounts with proper adapters, either internally or externally. It is USB compatible, with plug and play simplicity, and no special drivers are needed.

  • Works globally, no need to set northern or southern hemisphere
  • Polaris (north) or Sigma Octantis (south) does NOT have to be visible
  • No need to rotate the mount during polar alignment steps

The night sky conditions do not have to be ideal with clear skies, as long as the camera/optics in the iPolar can see more than 4 stars in the area of sky that it is seeing. Because it is entirely electronic, you do not have to be able to see stars visibly, and the hardware/software will use imaging enhancement techniques to determine the pointing of the polar axis.


iPolar Specifications:

Field of View (FOV): approx. 13 degrees
Resolution: 30 arcsec, approx.
Alignment Precision: To within 30 arcseconds
Interface: Mini USB 2.0
Software: iPolar Software (from iOptron)
Operating System: Windows Vista/ 7 /8 /8.1 /10, 32 bit or 64 bit
Mechanical/Electrical Form Factor: Depends on model
User Manual: Downloadable Manual available
Warranty: One year limited