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  • SKU IOP-3362

iOptron iGuider Auto-Guiding Camera - Only

  • Camera that is used in the #3360 iGuider System
  • Compact Autoguider Camera, easy to use
  • Includes Only the Electronic Camera
  • 1.2 MPixel Camera with 1/3" Sensor Chip
  • 1280x960 Pixel Array size
  • Pixel Size: 3.75 micrometer

This is the new iOptron compact iGuider Auto-Guiding Camera. It is a complete, ready to use portable, mini-guiding electronic camera. When used as a coupled system with a model #3361 Guide Scope, on an iOptron mount or other telescopes, this iGuider camera from iOptron functions as a complete electronic guiding system. The resolution of the autoguider is 6.44 arcsecond per pixel, (only if used with the iOptron #3361 Guide Scope) which is a "plate scale" which is highly suited to guiding for short- to medium-length telescopes. NOTE: A model #3361 Guide Scope is NOT included with this Camera.

NOTE: A photo shows this camera installed in a model #3361 Guide Scope for illustration purposes only. The manufacturer does not provide a separate photo of this product. But, the Guide Scope is NOT included with this Camera.

This mini Camera has a high resolution sensor with 1.2 MegaPixels in an array of 1280x960 pixels, on a chip size of 1/3". It has 3.75 micrometer sized pixels. It comes with a cable which provides connectivity to your own existing computer with a standard USB connector.


Manufacturer: iOptron
SKU: 3362
Function: Opto-Electonic guiding Camera
Camera Pixel Array: 1280x960
Pixel Size: 3.75 micrometer
Pixel Content: 1.2 MegaPixels
Sensor Chip: 1/3" Type Size
Resolution: 6.44 arcsecond/pixel effective with scope
Guider Method: Supports Pulse Guiding (ASCOM)
ST-4 Guiding? No, ST-4 Guiding is Not supported