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The iOptron iCAM462C planetary camera uses a 2.1MP Sony IMX462 color sensor. The sensor consists of 2.9um pixels in an 1944 x 1096 array with a diagonal size of 6.5mm. The body itself is small and lightweight, with a 1.25" barrel and USB3.0 and ST-4 ports on the cameras face,  

iOptron's iCAM462C color camera has a very high sensitivity, making it an ideal camera for planetary imaging. The iCAM462C also has readout noise as low as 0.73e at a gain of 350 and around 0.7e at a gain of 400.  Scroll through the images to see graphs and charts pertaining to QE, readout, dynamic range, full well capacity and more.

This planetary camera includes a few unique features, such as DPS (Dead Pixel Suppression) technology to eliminate any abnormal/dead pixels by analyzing the camera dark frames, and HCG mode, which will automatically turn on when the camera gain setting is ≥ 80. The HCG mode can greatly reduce the readout noise and retain the same high dynamic range it has at low gain. The QE response for the 462C reaches a peak in sensitivity at 800-850 nm. An IR850 or CH4 filter can be used with the camera for infrared imaging.

When the iOptron iCAM462C camera is connected via its USB3.0 interface and full-resolution preview is used, it can reach 136 fps in RAW8 mode (10bit ADC). During image recording, the actual speed is affected by the hard drive writing speed. It is recommended to use a high-quality solid state drive to record data to realize the full benefit of the USB3.0 data speed. The ST-4 guiding port allows one to connect the camera to a mount GUIDE port for ST-4 auto-guiding.

System Requirement:  Windows 7-10, Mac OS & Linux support coming soon.

Included in the Box:  

  • iCAM462C Camera

  • USB 3.0 cable

  • ST-4 guiding cable

Image Sensor Sony IMX462 CMOS (color)
Sensor Size 1/2.8” (5.6X3.2mm)
Max. Resolution 1944 X 1096 (2.1MP)
Pixel Size 2.9 µm
Frame Rate 136 fps (at 10 bit, max. resolution)
Shutter Rolling shutter
Exposure Range 32µs ~2000s
Readout Noise 2.6e~0.7e
QE ~80%
Full Well 12K e
ADC 12 bit
HCG Mode Supported
Optical Window AR coated glass
Data Port USB3.0
Guide Port ST-4 compatible
Telescope Adapter 1.25”
Warranty One year limited