iOptron GEM28EC GoTo German Equatorial Mount - iPolar - LiteRoc - Hard Case - G284A3

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iOptron GEM28EC GoTo German Equatorial Mount - iPolar Finder - LiteRoc Tripod - Case

  • German Equatorial Mount (GEM)
  • Great for Visual Use and Astro-Imaging
  • Large, Easy, Quick-lock Gear Clutches
  • Built-in iPolar electronic Polar Finder
  • Max Payload of 28 lb (12.7 kg)
  • Mount weighs only 10 lb (4.5 kg)
  • High Resolution Optical Encoder
  • Precision Stepper Motor - Precise Go-To
  • Includes Go2Nova 8409 Controller/Technology
  • Real-time PEC (RPEC)
  • +/- 0.3 arcsecond RPEC
  • Includes Built-in Wi-Fi & ST-4 autoguider port
  • Includes Premium LiteRoc 1.75" Tripod
  • Includes a Hard Case for storage and transportation

Like their predecessors, the GEM28E mounts were designed with portability in mind, weighing in at only 10 lb. But, it can support up to a 28 lb payload an incredible 2.8 mount weight-to-payload ratio. The key to providing such an impressive ratio is the clever engineering used to reduce the mount weight. The German Equatorial design mount was created and offered for those astronomers who want the traditional German mount. Other features include a mount design which can function at latitudes over 60°, as well as accurate pointing and tracking.

In addition, iOptron has added features for convenience and functionality. A positive lock gear engagement system (easy to use even when wearing gloves), built-in Wi-Fi, enabling unparalleled connectivity, and Real-time PEC (RPEC) for optimal pointing and tracking performance. This model, the G28ECA3 includes a special High-Resolution Optical Encoder for higher performance. It has real-time PEC (RPEC) which can deliver accurate tracking with a periodic error of less than 0.3 arcsecond RMS. The GEM28E, Model G28ECA3 German Equatorial Mount from iOptron delivers precise pointing and accurate tracking. The GEM28E, Model G28ECA3 sets a new standard for compact GoTo equatorial mounts.

The iOptron GEM28E, Model G28ECA3 Equatorial Mount is equipped with the latest advanced GOTONova GO-TO technology, which means it is now one of the most powerful and accurate GO-TO mounts available. Its database includes over 212,000+ objects! The Go2Nova Hand Controller is intuitive and very easy to use. Its large 4-line LCD screen simplifies the process of setting telescope parameters and locating objects, to make the astronomer's task even easier. This GEM28E, Model G28ECA3 German Equatorial mount from iOptron will be a delight to use for all of your astronomical observations, and also for astro-imaging.

This GEM28E, Model G28ECA3 mount has an iPolar electronic Polar Scope installed for quick and easy polar alignment. It also includes a Premium LiteRoc 1.75" Tripod, and includes a Hard Case for storage and transportation.

What's In The Boxes?

This model includes: A GEM28E German Equatorial Mount Head (with special High-Resolution Optical Encoder), CW shaft, 10 lb Counterweight, Go2Nova 8409 Controller/Technology, Cord for Controller, Integrated iPolar Polar Scope, a Premium LiteRoc 1.75" Tripod, and a Hard Case for storage and transportation.


Manufacturer: iOptron
Product SKU: G284A3
Function: GEM - German Equatorial Mount
Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Max Payload: 28 lb (12.7 kg); Not Including Counterweight
Construction: All Metal, Metal Casting, CNC Machined
Ext. Finish: Black, Powder Coated
Adjust Range: 10° to 70° Latitude; +/- 6° Azimuth
Special Encoder: Yes, High-Resolution Optical Type
PE: (RPEC); +/- 0.3 arcsecond RMS
RA, Dec Worms: 88 mm, 144 Teeth, Zero Backlash
RA, Dec Bearings: 55 mm, Ball Bearings
Counterweight Incl: 1 each, 10 lb
Motor Type: Stepper; 1.8° 128X Microstep
Motor Resolution: 0.17 arcsecond
Transmission: Synchronous Belt
Power Req: 12 Volt DC, 5 A
AC Adapter Incl: 100 V - 240 V
Hand Controller: Go2Nova 8409 Controller
Polar Scope: Internal iPolar Polar Finder
Max Slew Rate: 6° per second
Guiding Port: ST-4
Comm. Port: USB, Wi-Fi (Built-in Wi-Fi)
Tripod Type: Metal, Premium LiteRoc 1.75" Tripod
Optional Tripod: Yes, LiteRoc included
Case: Yes, Hard Case Included W/this model
Autoguiding: Not Included, Available Optional iGuider
GPS: Optional External; Not Included
Warranty: 2-Year, Limited