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iOptron CEM120EC2 Center Balanced Equatorial Mount With Extra High-Resolution RA-Axis/Dec-Axis Encoders

The iOptron CEM120EC2 Center Balanced Equatorial Mount was created by iOptron as a result of the growing demand for an accurate and stable equatorial mount with the versatility to carry larger instruments and more complex imaging arrays, with very high-performance specifications.

It offers the benefits of iOptron's revolutionary “center balanced” design: stability, accuracy, and smooth mechanical operation, while capable of carrying a payload up to 115 lb (52 kg). The “center balance” design’s natural stability is due to its focusing the mount along with any payload's weight directly over the center of the pier or tripod. The CEM120EC2 performance is demonstrated by its low periodic tracking error of  < 0.15 arcsecond RMS for this EC2 model. And it incorporates dual Hi-Res. Encoders (on both axes).

Along with stability, the CEM120EC2 Center Balanced Equatorial Mount features an advanced cable management system consisting of more ports in more locations, preventing cable tangles and reducing the chance of fractured cables. It also adds some new features to the CEM family like Wi-Fi and LAN for remote operation and easy to use, reliable clutches on both axes. This product is the CEM120EC2 High-Resolution mount, with dual Hi-Res. Encoders on the Right Ascension (RA) axis and also on the Dec axis.

This product's number is IOP-7302.

iOptron CEM120EC Center Balanced Equatorial Mount Features:

  • A new design, center-balanced equatorial mount (CEM) for maximum payload with natural stability and advanced operating specs
  • Observatory astrophotography mount ideal for both visual observation and astrophotography applications
  • Payload of 115 lb (52 kg) with the mount weight of 57 lb (26 kg)
  • Easy to use and reliable gear clutches
  • Adjustable counterweight shaft for 0º latitude operation
  • Precision altitude and azimuth adjustment
  • Precision stepper motor with 0.07 arcsec accuracy for precise GOTO and accurate tracking
  • Polar alignment routine for those who can't see the Pole Star
  • Go2Nova® 8407+ controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO Technology with built in heater
  • High-Resolution Encoders on both the RA Axis and the Dec Axis
  • Real time PEC (RPEC) for the CEM120EC High Resolution model
  • Built-in 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and LAN for remote operation
  • Integrated ST-4 auto guiding port
  • Advanced cable management system with more choices
  • Mount includes 2 counterweights (10 kg each)
  • Spring loaded, individually-adjustable Losmandy-style Saddle


Model: CEM120EC
Mount Type: CEM (Center balanced EQ Mount)
Payload (excluding CW): 52 kg(115 lb)
Mount Weight: 26 kg (57 lb)
Payload per Mount Weight: 2X
Latitude Adjustment Range: 0~68° (0.5 arc min divisions)
Azimuth Adjustment Range: ±5° (3 arc min division)
Tracking Accuracy (PE): < 0.15 arcsec RMS (CEM120EC)
Period: 240 sec
Right Ascension Worm Wheel: 360 teeth, Diam. 216 mm, zero backlash
Declination Worm Wheel: 360 teeth, Diam. 216 mm, zero backlash
Worm: Diam. 26 mm
Right Ascension Axle: Diam. 80 mm, steel
Declination Axle: Diam. 80 mm, steel
Right Ascension Bearings: Diam. 125 mm
Declination Bearings: Diam. 125 mm
Counterweight Shaft: Diam. 38.1 mm x 540 mm (SS, none slip, 4.5 kg)
Counterweight: 10 kg (22 lb) x2
Mounting Base Diam.eter: 210 mm x 230 mm
Motor: Precision Stepper Motor w/128 micro-step
Resolution: 0.07 arcsec; Using Dual Axis Encoders
Hand Controller: Go2Nova 8407+; 8 line 21 character LCD
Power: DC 12 Volts, 5 Amperes
Power Consumption: 0.7A (tracking), 1.8A (GOTO)
Polar Scope: Optional internal electronic polar scope
Meridian treatment: Stop (0-14° pass), flip
Zero position: Automatic zero search
Park position: horizontal, vertical, current, alt/azi input
Dovetail saddle: Losmandy D, 17.2" (437 mm)
Level Indicator: YES
Slew speed: 4°/sec (960x) max.
PEC: Real time PEC (for CEM120EC)
Guiding Port: ST-4
Serial Port: RS232, USB, LAN, WIFI
Cable Management: 2xDC12V (1A), DC5V(1A), 2xDC (5A), ST4, 6P6C, 4xUSB2.0, USB3.0 (powered), USB for PS, AUX
Pier/Tripod: Optional Pier Available from iOptron