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iOptron 6" Ritchey-Chretien with CEM26 Mount & Accessory Package

This iOptron GoTo Mount Telescope Package is currently on sale through March 31st!  Enjoy substantial savings on a nice imaging package that includes the 6" f/9 RC (Ritchey-Chretien) telescope, a CEM26 Computerized Equatorial Mount with AccuAlign polar scope, hard case and tripod, and several accessories, including a star diagonal, eyepiece, and finder!  Below you will find more information on each of the main components!

iOptron Photron RC6 - 6" Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope OTA

First up, the Optron Photron 150 mm (6") Ritchey-Chretien (RC) Astrograph with a focal ratio of f/9 and a focal length of 1370 mm.

The iOptron® Photron Ritchey-Chrétien design telescope features a low thermal expansion quartz primary and secondary mirror with 99% reflective dielectric coatings. The RC optical design delivers results free of coma, spherical and chromatic aberration, perfect for color or monochrome imaging.

A fixed-position primary mirror cleverly eliminates image shift that occurs from focusing with other telescope designs. The iOptron RC6 150 mm Astrograph comes with a 2" dual-speed linear-bearing Crayford focuser. Three focuser extension rings are provided for a “flex-free” solid extension as a means to take up any unneeded back focus. Its steel tube is equipped with knife edge baffles to diminish contrast reducing stray light, improving the instrument in both visual and imaging uses. This iOptron Photron 150 mm Ritchey-Chretien (RC) RC6 Astrograph model comes with one Vixen style dovetail mounting plate.

OTA Features:

  • Ritchey-Chrétien optical design
  • Coma free, chromatic aberration-free, spherical aberration-free optics
  • 150 mm (6") optical aperture
  • 1370 mm focal length
  • f/9 focal ratio
  • Fixed primary mirror
  • Low thermal expansion quartz mirrors
  • Multiple knife-edge baffle system
  • 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser
  • Finder scope base and dovetail bar
  • 6x30 finder scope
  • 1.25" diagonal
  • 25mm Plossl 1.25" eyepiece

RC6 OTA Specifications:

Optical Design: Ritchey-Chretien
Clear Aperture: 150 mm
Focal Length: 1370 mm
Focal Ratio: f/9
Resolving Power: 0.76 arcseconds
Limiting Magnitude: 13.6
Highest Useful Magnification: 180X
Secondary Mirror Size: 67 mm
Focuser: 10:1 Crayford dual-speed
Focuser size: 2”
Dovetail Bar: Vixen-style
Finderscope Base: Yes
Finder scope: 6x30
Tube material: Steel
Tube Length: 19.1”
Tube Weight: 12 lb
Other Accessories: 2” to 1.25” compression ring adapter; 1" long extension tube X2; 2" long extension tube X1
Gross Weight: 18 lb
Warranty: One year limited

iOptron CEM26 Center-Balance GoTo Equatorial Mount with AccuAlign Polar Finder

  • Center-balanced Equatorial Mount (CEM)
  • Great for Visual Use and Astro-Imaging
  • Large, Easy, Quick-lock Gear Clutches
  • Built-in AccuAlign Optical Polar Finder
  • Max Payload of 26 lb (11.8 kg)
  • Mount weighs only 10 lb (4.5 kg)
  • Precision Stepper Motor - Precise Go-To
  • Includes Go2Nova 8409 Controller/Technology
  • +/- 10 arcsecond PEC
  • Permanent PEC (PPEC)
  • Includes Built-in Wi-Fi & ST-4 autoguider port
  • Includes Standard 1.5" Tripod

Like their predecessors, the CEM26 mounts were designed with portability in mind, weighing in at only 10 lb. But, it can support up to a 26 lb payload an incredible 2.6 mount weight-to-payload ratio. The key to providing such an impressive ratio is the "CEM design" which focuses the mount and payload weight directly on the center of the tripod rendering “natural stability”. The center-balanced design mount puts the weight of the payload at the center of gravity allowing for greater mechanical mount stability. Other features include an adjustable counterweight bar to prevent obstruction with the tripod. And polar aligning is quick and accessible all the time, because the polar scope is not blocked by the declination shaft.

In addition, iOptron has added features for convenience and functionality. A positive lock gear engagement system (easy to use even when wearing gloves), built-in Wi-Fi, enabling unparalleled connectivity, and recordable permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) to repeat optimal PEC training sessions. The CEM26, Model C26B Center-balanced Equatorial Mount from iOptron delivers precise pointing and accurate tracking. The CEM26, Model C26B sets a new standard for compact equatorial GoTo mounts.

The iOptron CEM26, Model C26B Equatorial Mount is equipped with the latest advanced GOTONova GO-TO technology, which means it is now one of the most powerful and accurate GO-TO mounts available. Its database includes over 212,000+ objects! The Go2Nova Hand Controller is intuitive and very easy to use. Its large 4-line LCD screen simplifies the process of setting telescope parameters and locating objects, to make the astronomer's task even easier.

This CEM26, Model C26B mount has an AccuAlign Optical Polar Scope installed for quick and easy polar alignment. It also includes a 1.5" heavy duty stainless steel tripod and two counterweights (5 & 10 lb).

CEM26 Specifications:

Manufacturer: iOptron
Product SKU: C261B1
Function: CEM - Center-balanced Equatorial Mount
Weight: 10 lb (4.5 kg)
Max Payload: 26 lb (11.8 kg); Not Including Counterweight
Construction: All Metal, Metal Casting, CNC Machined
Ext. Finish: Black, Powder Coated
Adjust Range: 0° to 60° Latitude; +/- 6° Azimuth
PEC: PPEC; For 600 sec. Period
RA, Dec Worms: 88 mm, 144 Teeth, Zero Backlash
RA, Dec Bearings: 55 mm, Ball Bearings
Counterweight Incl: 1 each, 10 lb & 5 lb
Motor Type: Stepper; 1.8° 128X Microstep
Motor Resolution: 0.17 arcsecond
Transmission: Synchronous Belt
Power Req: 12 Volt DC, 5 A
AC Adapter Incl: 100 V - 240 V
Hand Controller: Go2Nova 8409 Controller
Polar Scope: Internal AccuAlign Optical Polar Finder
Max Slew Rate: 6° per second
Guiding Port: ST-4
Comm. Port: USB, Wi-Fi (Built-in Wi-Fi)
Tripod Type: 1.5" Stainless Steel
Case: Included
Electronic Focuser Optional #8541
Autoguiding: Optional #3360 iGuider System
GPS Optional external #8438 module
Mini Pier Extension Optional #8040

What's in the Boxes of this Package?

  • 6" Ritchey-Chretien OTA
  • 25mm 1.25" Plossl Eyepiece
  • 1.25" Star Diagonal
  • 6X30 Finderscope & Finder Bracket
  • CEM26 Mount Head with AccuAlign Polar Scope
  • Hard Case for CEM26 Mount Head
  • 1.5" LiteRoc Tripod
  • 4.5kg Counterweight
  • 2kg Counterweight