iOptron 5kg Counterweight for C70, C60, G45, i45 & C40G - 8027

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iOptron 5kg Counterweight for C70, C60, G45, i45 & C40G

The iOptron 5kg (11 lb.) counterweight uses a brass compression ring to lock the counterweight onto the 28 mm diameter counterweight shaft of several models of iOptron equatorial mounts. Compared to traditional "point contact" locking mechanism via a locking screw and a pin, the compression ring provides a more secure locking method via distributed surface contact.

This 11 pound counterweight is designed for following iOptron mounts:

  • iOptron CEM60/CEM60EC
  • iEQ45 Pro
  • iEQ45
  • CEM70/CEM70EC
  • G45
  • C40G

It can be used for other mounts having a 28mm diameter counterweight shaft.