Hotech 14" HyperStar Laser Collimator - HLC-140

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Hotech HyperStar Laser Collimator for 14" Scope

This Hotech 14" HyperStar Laser Collimator is exactly what you need to collimate your 14" aperture HyperStar equipped telescope. This product includes all the equipment you will need to collimate your scope quickly and effectively to get the best imaging performance.

The Hotech HyperStar Laser Collimator for a 14" telescope includes the Advanced CT Laser Collimator, 1 x 14" HyperStar reflector mirror adapter, 1 x high accuracy dual-sided reflector mirror with detachable target cap, 1 x Fine Adjustment Stage, 1 x type CR123, 3 Volt battery, and 1 Premium carrying case with the manual for the system.

This Laser Collimator system for HyperStar telescopes from Hotech includes the multiple lasers you need for this procedure and they are Class II, 1 mW output power for eye safety. The CR123, 3 Volt lithium battery power supply is also included.

See the optical diagram in the included photo which illustrates how this Hotech HyperStar Laser Collimator system works on your scope.


  • Collimates 14" HyperStar telescopes
  • Laser Specification: - Output Power: - Class II, 1mW
  • Wavelength: 635 nm and 650 nm
  • Alignment Lasers: 170 mm diameter spaced apart
  • Crosshair Laser: 90 deg. divergent optic
  • Power Supply: - One CR123, 3 Volt Lithium battery included
  • Premium carrying case included
  • Operating manual for the system included