Founder Optics Bino-One Binoviewer, Eyepieces & Hard Case - BOV1.25

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Founder Optics Bino-One Binoviewer & 2 Eyepieces

The Founder Optics Bino-One Viewer is an amazing binoviewer designed for 3D views! Enjoy viewing comfort and spectacular views through this innovative binocular viewer, designed to connect to a wide array of spotting scopes or telescopes!  Two 12.5 mm Alien 55º FOV eyepieces are included, but you can switch the eyepieces out for a change in magnification whenever you like by just adding another set when you are ready.

Ideal for observing the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse visible in Canada and the USA.
Use only in conjunction with a telescope that has a Solar Filter attached to it.
It is unsafe to look directly at the Sun without utilizing a proper solar filter. 

Features of the Bino-One Viewer

Quality Interchangeable Eyepieces:  The BOV1.25 comes with two 12.5 mm long eye relief (20 mm) 1.25" eyepieces with a 55 degree field of view.  The lenses are fully multi-coated and install easily into the binoviewer with twist lock collars.

IPD Scale:  Set the distance between the two eyepieces by sliding the interpupillary distance scale up or down until you find the spacing that is most comfortable.  The scale runs from 58 mm to 74 mm and is conveniently located between the eyepieces on the binoviewer body.

Diopter Focus:  Don't have 20/20 vision?  Simply turn the Diopter Focusing Ring, with its + and - markings, until the image is sharp.

360 Rotation:  The green collar that connects the binoviewer to your telescope can be loosened, allowing you to rotate the eyepieces for the most comfortable viewing.  This is especially nice when doing astronomy and the scope is pointing up near the zenith!

Parfocal:  The Founder Optics Bino-One Viewer is suitable for all telescopes without extending the focal length with a Barlow lens.

Strong Carry Case Included:  Each Bino-One Viewer comes in its own hard carry case for the ultimate in protection for storage or travel.  Custom cut foam snuggles around the binoviewer with eyepieces attached, and there is room for more eyepieces should you desire.  

What's In the Box

  • Bino-One Binoviewer
  • Hard Carry Case
  • Two (2) 12.5 mm Alien Eyepieces
  • Product Manual & Card