Founder Optics 6 mm LER Alien 1.25" Eyepiece - A-LER-6

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Alien 6 mm Long Eye Relief Eyepiece

Wow, Alien eyepieces are out of this world!  With a very comfortable 20 mm of eye relief across the series, Alien eyepieces are a joy to view through; even high magnification focal lengths like this 6 mm.  

The 6mm Alien eyepiece is parfocal with all other eyepieces in the Alien line, which means you will not need to re-focus when you change eyepieces for a different magnification.

The cool looking eyepiece body is made of aluminum and has a rubber grip to help you maintain a grip when changing eyepieces, even when wearing gloves.  The focal length of each eyepiece is marked clearly in an indented oval on the side of the eyepiece; a nice touch when trying to differentiate between eyepieces that look the same.

The rubber eyecup is luxurious and will set your eye in the right position for viewing while blocking extraneous light from glancing off the optics and lowering contrast.


  • Focal Length:  6 mm
  • Eye Relief:  20 mm
  • Field of View:  55 Degrees
  • Barrel Size:  1.25"
  • Lens Construction:  7 elements in 4 groups
  • Lens Coating:  Fully Multi-Coated
  • Body Materials:  Aluminum with Rubber Armour
  • Eye Cup:  Founds Optics Logo Rubber Eye Cup
  • Weight:  184 grams