Tele Vue Eyepiece Barrel Extender - 2" - EBX-2120

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About the TeleVue Eyepiece Barrel Extender - 2"...

Have you ever wished your 2" eyepiece barrel was just a little longer? For those of us who use eyepieces in different focal length telescopes frequently, we often encounter the problem of needing more focus travel for certain eyepieces. A time honored remedy has always been to simply pull the eyepiece out of the focuser as far as it will go... But there are times when it isn'''t far enough.


Relax. TeleVue has you covered.


With the TeleVue EBX-2120 Extension, you can now add another 2" onto any standard threaded 2" eyepiece barrel. Just twist it into place just like you would a filter... and enjoy the fact that the extension is also threaded for a filter! Televue thinks of everything...



TeleVue Eyepiece Barrel Extender - 2"...


  • Increase your 2" eyepiece'''s barrel length



  • Solid aluminum construction



  • Threaded to fit all standard 2" eyepiece barrels and threaded again for filters



  • Increase your focus travel



TeleVue Eyepiece Barrel Extender - 2" Specifications...

Equipment Type: Eyepiece Barrel Extension

Barrel Size: 2"

Barrel Length: 2"

Threaded: For eyepiece barrel and filters

Construction: Aluminum

TeleVue Product Number: EBX-2120