Explore Scientific Ultra High Contrast UHC Nebula Filter - 1.25" - 310215

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Explore Scientific Ultra High Contrast Nebula Filter -
Fits 1.25" Eyepieces

  • Ultra-High Contrast Nebula Filter
  • Useful for viewing nebulae
  • Bandwidth of 458 nm to 508 nm, peak at 488 nm
  • 96.7% Transmission
  • Fits 1.25" Eyepieces

This Explore Scientific Ultra-High Contrast Nebula Filter is an ultra-high contrast narrow-band filter, designed for observing the broad range of nebulae with 1.25-inch standard eyepieces or filter wheels. The bandpass of this filter is tighter than the CLS Nebula Filter, with specs of 458 nm to 508 nm, with a peak at 488 nm, thereby blocking even more light from artificial lights and airglow. If you want to really get the best view of nebulae, this is a must-have accessory for your telescope.