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Explore Scientific U-Mount with Tripod for Large Binoculars

  • A Solid fork mount with tripod for large binoculars
  • Supports binoculars up to 12 kg and a width of max. 290 mm
  • Soft and even movement of large binoculars
  • Infinitely-variable friction adjustment in both axes
  • Large handwheels - can be operated wearing gloves
  • Adjustment range AZ/ALT: 360 degrees/0 - 90 degrees
  • Optimal vibration damping with stainless steel tripod
  • Comfortable observations in all positions
  • Adjustment height tripod plus mount: approx. 100 cm - 140 cm
  • Integrated aluminum accessory tray

When using large binoculars, a stable mount and tripod with a suitable load-bearing capacity are essential. The new Explore Scientific U-mount with field tripod has been specially designed for the Explore Scientific BT large binoculars series, but also fits most other binoculars with a lens diameter of 70 mm to 120 mm that have a 1/4 inch photo thread connection on the underside. With the U-mount there is no shaking or annoying vibrations. When using these binos with this U-Mount, it feels as though your observations are rock-solid. This Explore Scientific U-Mount with a Tripod for Large Binoculars provides easy, pristine observations in all positions of your binoculars.

Regardless of whether you are surveying the nighttime sky or observing the landscape, the U-Mount and Tripod is a solid base for your large binoculars and enables smooth and even movements in both of its axes.

An easily transportable but solid mount is essential when using large binoculars. A simple photo tripod with a ball head or video tilt head will quickly prove to be insufficient. The new Explore Scientific U-mount has a fine-grained mechanism with adjustable friction in both axes, and enables easy adjustment and tracking even when the payload is heavy. Depending on the set intensity of the friction, the position of the binoculars is kept stable, or a soft and even movement will be allowed. The massive construction of the U-mount reduces vibrations to an absolute minimum. Even at high magnification there is no blurring and the finest details can be observed, especially good for astronomy.

The large adjusting screws on both axes run smoothly and are easy to use even with gloves. The U-mount and tripod can be separated for easy transport. The quick-change adapter plate included means the binoculars can be mounted and removed again in a few seconds. This is a major advantage for mobile outdoor use. The connection between the binoculars and the adapter plate is made using two 1/4 inch (1/4-20) threaded bolts (standard photo tripod thread), which are guided in an elongated slot. Universal use with different binoculars is then possible.

The double screw connection guarantees a very secure fit of the binoculars. The adapter plate is also attached to the U-mount with the help of two large clamping screws in a dovetail saddle, which can also be easily operated with gloves. This Explore Scientific U-Mount with Tripod for Large Binoculars can support binoculars up to 12 kg and a width of a max. 290 mm.

Regardless of the surface, the Explore Scientific Field Tripod offers a secure support for your binocular viewing. The solid aluminum and stainless steel construction effectively suppress most vibrations. The 50 mm diameter stainless steel tripod legs and the aluminum tripod head plate are an ideal combination and offer maximum stability but have a moderate transport weight of only 5.8 kg.

With the tripod legs pushed in, the transport dimensions are only 80 cm long. The accessory tray included serves to brace the tripod legs for increased stability. By pulling out the tripod legs, the working height for the binoculars can be adjusted from about 100 cm to 140 cm to suit your viewing preferences.


Manufacturer: Explore Scientific
Item Number: 01-14300
Barcode: 811803033931
Total length: 1000 mm
Total width: 1000 mm
Total height: 1390 mm
Total net weight: 11,300 g (11.3 kg)
Housing material: Magnesium
Warranty: Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when product is registered within 60 days of purchase.