Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent - ES-2ROBV

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Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent

  • Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent
  • Protect from wind, dew formation, rain, and dust
  • Helps reduce glare from stray light sources
  • Easy to set up, break-down, easy transport and store
  • 50 square feet of Total Useful Inside Space
  • 6-ft High Wind-break Walls
  • Tent will “pop up” from its pack
  • 42" high x 36" wide doors
  • Provides Two Separate Rooms inside Tent
  • Portable - Use at home or take to favorite site

The Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent is an amazing and handy accessory which can transform the way you do astronomical observing into a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. It can help you to protect your telescope and other equipment from the wind, dew formation, rain, and dust, plus provide shielding from some stray light. So many amateur astronomers have wished they had a way to keep dust, dew, and wind off of their telescope, and to help block glare from stray lights from entering their telescope optics. Now, Explore Scientific has developed a new way to provide this instead of a permanent observatory building with a portable Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent!

For many astronomers, as important as an observatory is for any telescope, a permanent observatory building may be only a dream. The expense of a roll-off-roof building or a dome might be prohibitive. Then there is the problem that a observatory building needs a permanent site that is suitable for an observatory. Astronomers might not have a site or space like this available. Some properties do not allow the building of a real observatory! This Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent from Explore Scientific now solves this problem easily and inexpensively!

This Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent is an easy and great solution for a portable observatory. Compared to the permanent-structure observatory alternatives, a tent is extremely low-cost, and can be set up almost anywhere where there is some flat space and clear view of the sky. This is why Explore Scientific utilized a sturdy pop-up design. Setting up the Explore Scientific Pop-Up Observatory Tent is literally only a matter of releasing the band so the tent can “pop up” from its pack. You really don’t need to do anything else besides connect the two observatory rooms with a velcro seam and peg it to the ground. Sets up in a couple of minites. Tear down time is similar. Gives you more time to do your observing and have fun.

With 50 square feet of total useful space, and five-foot high walls combined with six-foot high wind break walls of the Explore Scientific Two-Room Pop-Up Observatory Tent, you can set up your computer gear in one room with the telescope in the other, or set up two complete telescope systems. Each room is sized 60" by 60" (5 feet) square. This Tent is sturdy, high-quality, easy to set up or break-down, easy to transport or store, and is professionally made for years-long use.

In addition to being easy to set up and take down, another advantage of the pop-up design is that it is travel-friendly since it is lightweight and easy to store, folding down to 27-inch disk that is only 4 inches thick. This allows transport in a small car, or even transport on an aircraft for remote expeditions. And besides going to your favorite dark-sky site, portable observatory tents are usually the best choice for astronomers and astrophotographers attending star party events. The black-out coated fabric is waterproof and offers UV protection from the Sun, which means that the tent will last. The large 42-inch high by 36-inch wide doors for entering the Observatory Tent and for passing through the connected rooms are generous-sized for an easy entrance and for moving your equipment. These doors roll down to keep moisture out and their heavy-duty zippers last for years.

Supplied with a large, oversize cover, you can protect your gear from the hot sun during the day, and from dew or the surprise rain shower with its coated, water-resistant material. Add a ground-cloth tarp from your local hardware store to use as a "floor", to give even greater protection from the elements, and insects. Comes complete with cords and pegs to stake down the tent. The structure also has additional hoops for using heavy duty straps if you wish, that can be purchased at local hardware stores. Cover is included.


Manufacturer: Explore Scientific
Function: Pop-Up-style Tent for Observing
Material: Heavy-gauge Tent Canvas
UV-Resistant: Yes
Water-Proof: Yes
Black-Out: Yes, blocks out stray light from sides
Ease of SetUp: Yes, pops up from storage
Includes: Cords and Pegs to stake down tent